A couple of days ago, we started a small AWI-campaign that would hopefully lead to some interesting battles, thus allowing us to playtest the ‘Sharp Practice v2’ rules. We are not very skirmish game-minded, but on the other hand we really like game elements such as ‘controlled volley’, ‘thin red line’ = fire and charge, crashing volley, the need to keep your formations in good order etc… So, we took the liberty to upgrade the rules from a skirmish game where a group is made up of 8 figures to decent battles where battalions are made up of 8 stands (each of 2 figures). It works well and as you can see on the pictures of our first game (the battle of Hannover), the overall visual effect is quite acceptable. Erik (alias the Hessian Freiherr von Ruchs) and Arne took the British side while Bart and Mark were defending with two rebel brigades. Elias was, as always, encouraging the British grenadiers and the Scottish infantry.

1 British Grenadiers 2 Bornemouth's 2nd Brigade 3 Northam's Brigade (State Line) 4 Clarcke's 3rd Brigade attacks on the right flank 5 Clearly no laughing matter... 6 A British battalion attacks the church, only to be thrown back shortly afterwards 7 Clarcke's brigade takes a lot of shock but holds